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Polypropylene film Feb11The image for February shows a novel polypropylene film with embedded nanoparticles of clay (dark objects). The inclusion of these nano platelets significantly reduces oxygen diffusion in the film which is critical for food and medical applications. The materials were prepared by Marilena Pezzuto, from the Institute of Chemistry and Technology of Polymers in Pozzuoli (Italy), who joined CfAM in January for a short term scientific mission in the framework of an EU COST Action focused on the development of new polymers for safe food packaging.

The sample was prepared in CfAM using an ultra microtome and the image captured using the Analytical Philips CM20 transmission electron microscope by Marilena and Drs Laura Felisari and Chris Stain of CfAM. The image shows ~ 100nm sheets of clay; one thousand of these will fit in a human hair.

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