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manganese dioxide

This month we are introduced to the project of MChem student Noushin Sikder who has been working under supervision of Dr Roger Bennett. Ultimately, the aim of the project was to grow thin films of Manganese dioxide on platinum quartz crystal microbalances to make electrodes for supercapacitors and a test for lithium batteries.

The purpose of using manganese dioxide is to increase the capacitance of the super capacitor. The capacitance is the ability to store electrical energy; this is currently a disadvantage of supercapacitors as they store less energy than ordinary batteries.

This image was taken using SEM, after the water layer had evaporated off the surface of the manganese dioxide layer, the layer than seemed to have peeled and curled inwards demonstrating a potential change in structure of the manganese dioxide from when it was first deposited. The micrograph was captured in high vacuum mode using the Quanta 600 SEM by Noushin Sikder and Amanpreet Kaur.

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