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This month we look at a collection of images from Emma Gorrell's MChem project. Emma's project involved investigating common types of forensic evidence using a variety of spectroscopic and microscopic techniques to see what kind of information could be gathered. One of the forms of evidence looked at was banknotes, of 5, 10 and 20 denomination. This included studying the new polymer £5 and £10 notes, the £20 cotton note and the corresponding Euro notes.

The top left image shows the crest motif area of the £20 cotton banknote at 16x using a Leica EZ4 D stereo microscope, with the enlarged crest image to the right created by performing elemental mapping of this region using the SEM. The bottom left image was also taken using the SEM on the silver holographic strip of the Euro banknote, with the bottom right image showing the same area using the Leica EZ4 D stereo microscope at 35x magnification. The images were captured by Emma Gorrell and Amanpreet Kaur.

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