Life times of ball point pens


Ball point pens are ubiquitous in everyday life whether at work or home or play. Scientists in CfAM have been evaluating the range of ball point pens available in the UK to identify the key performance parameters and how they relate to the design and construction of the pen.

The style of a ball point pen varies from the utilitarian to a fashion or style statement with an accompanying large variation in price. In this work we look beyond the external shape and style to the key elements of the pen. We want to know how these components relate to the writing life of a pen and how they influence the use of a ball point pen.


Use the links below to explore how we approached this challenge and what we can find out about ball point pens using the facilities available in CfAM.

What is a ball point pen?

Characteristics of handwriting

Writing lifetime testing

A full account of this work will be published in the scientific literature later this year. Check back for details.

This research involved Professor Geoff Mitchell (CfAM) and has been funded in part by BIC.


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