Low-Voltage Network Workshop: Advanced analytics methods for load forecasting, customer segmentation and battery control

On 15th May this year CMOHB are organising a further Low-Voltage network workshop: Advanced analytics methods for load forecasting, customer segmentation and battery control. This is a follow-on from the first smart grid analytics meeting that we held at Henley last November. Due to the success of the first event we have slightly increased capacity this time, however numbers are still strictly limited to ensure an effective workshop takes place. We invite you to reserve the date in your diary in anticipation of a more detailed invitation which will follow shortly. Please follow the link in order to participate in the poll click here.

Event Outline:

Innovations on smart grid related technologies developed during the last decades are now passing to a phase of technology demonstrations and deployments. For this new and developing subject, the workshop creates a forum for knowledge exchange between academic institutions, industrial and regulatory bodies; to enable discussion of techniques and methods for analysing/manipulating the relatively new LV and household level smart meter data. Following the 1st workshop ( November 2012) which concentrated on Clustering, the 2nd workshop will explore 3 strands in more detail:

  1. Forecasting: Generation (Methods for forecasting Wind & Photo-Voltaic energy genration), Demand (Methods for forecasting household/sub-station level energy usage)
  2. Classification: how low-voltage to household level usage data can be used to improve our understanding of new patterns of energy consumption behaviour.
  3. Battery Storage: Smart Control methods for reducing peak demands.


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