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February 2016 Dr Danica Greetham presents at the KAPSARC conference

Dr Danica Greetham presented some of the results from the Thames Valley Vision project at a one-day workshop "Modelling dynamics and institutional change in energy systems: The role of agent based modelling which took place in King Abdullah Petroleum Studies and Research Centre (KAPSARC).

The presentation can be found here:


January 2016 Ugo Guarnacci (associate to CMoHB) a paper on the use of social network analysis in post-conflict, post disaster Indonesia

The paper applies social network analysis (SNA) as a methodology to investigate community resilience after the December 2004 tsunami and the March 2005 earthquake which struck both Nias and Aceh, Indonesia. Through the analysis, this research focuses on the urban and rural gradients and shows how victims' personal characteristics such as religion, ethnicity, and gender create different community's circles of social support.

The publication can be found here:

    November 2016 CMoHB and Oxford University joint research is showcased at the Low Carbon Network conference

In November at the prestigious low carbon network conference research from the two departments covering the topics of forecasting, load analysis, prediction of low carbon uptake and network modelling was presented. Posters can be found here:

August 2015 Anush Pogoyashan publishes paper on electrical vehicle energy demand

Anush publishes paper on electrical vehicle energy demand in Applied Energy. This is an important issue as to how a high uptake of electric vehicles will influence peak demand on the electrical generation system. Further information here: Analysis of demand for electric vehicles

July 2015 Dr Giasemedis and Dr Steven Haben win third place in the Gefcom electricity demand competition

Two researchers employed by the centre win third place in big international competition for best performing algorithms for energy demand modelling. Further information here: Gefcom winner 2015

June 2015 Danica presents (again) at the OU conference

Danica presented the results of demand modelling that is part of the TVV project at the OU conference on mathematical modelling of energy storage. Further information here: OU conference 2015

May 2015 Research from the TVV project presented at All Energy Conference by SSE

Gordon Hewitt of SSE presented some of the research being carried out by SSE with the University of Reading and Oxford on energy storage and demand modelling. Further information here: All Energy conference 2015

November 2014 Department research showcased by SSE at the Low Carbon Network Fund conference

Two presentations were made on the research carried out at TVV for SSE. This was on the energy forecasting routines being developed and also on energy storage. Further information here:  SSE present Reading research

October 2014 Student competition winner

Thomas Rawson wins major poster competition for entry on the optimisation of garden space. More information available here. Student competition winner

June 2014 - Danica presents at OU conference

Dr Danica Greetham presented at the Open University conference on forecasting for domestic level electricity demand. Further information here: Danica presents at 2014 OU conference

Low-Voltage network workshop: Advanced analytics methods for load forecasting, customer segmentation and battery control, 15 May, 2013.

This was a follow-on from the first smart grid analytics meeting that we held at Henley last November. Event outline is available from here.


SIAM News, Volume 45, Number 10, December 2012 published an article by P. Grindrod, D. Higham and P. Laflin.

 Collaboration Blooms from SIAM News Article


ASE (the Association for Science Education)  Annual Conference 2013, 4 January 2013

Dr Danica Greetham is a key speaker at ASE Annual Conference. Details on conference follow the link  ASE Annual Conference 2013


Vodafone Lecture Series: Mobile phones, society and interconnectivity, 28 November 2012

Professor Peter Grindrod CBE, of the Centre for the Mathematics of Human Behaviour, discusses the latest research and development in the academic and commercial sectors. Follow the link below to see the video.

Lecture at Royal Academy of Engineering


The Low Carbon Network Consumer Behaviour Workshop, 7th November 2012

The Low Carbon Network (LCN) Consumer Behavioural workshop (November 2012), hosted by the University of Reading on behalf of the Thames Valley Vision project, demonstrated (i) that projects funded by the Ofgem LCN Fund benefit greatly from sharing technical and analytical concepts, methods, data and results; and (ii) that they may also leverage interest form other UK university research teams, funded on other national programmes (at UK universities).

See The Low Carbon Network Consumer Behaviour Workshop

Slides Archive


Workshop on Function Prediction in Complex Networks, Kavli Royal Society Centre, Chicheley Hall 2012

This is a video of (23 min) lecture on "Evolving Networks" , This was part of the workshop

Workshop on Function Prediction in Complex Networks


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