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Dr Danica Vukadinovic Greetham - Director

Danica Vukadinovic Greetham is a director of CMoHB and Lecturer in Mathematics. Her main research interests are in modelling and analysis of networks especially large and social networks and agent-based modelling. She is also interested in network-based interventions design and interface of psychological and sociological theories and models and mathematical modelling.


Dr Colin Singleton -  DoR CountingLab, visiting PDRA

Colin is the Technical Director at CountingLab Limited, a commercial spinoff from CMoHB. He is a mathematical analyst and his expertise is in modelling, profiling and forecasting customer behaviour from large and very large data sets.

His PhD from the Institute of Astronomy in Cambridge was focused around developing mathematical methods for inferring missing parts of galaxy spectra. Having worked for 4 years as a senior consultant at Numbercraft Limited providing customer insight, he subsequently worked as a consultant/software developer at Analysys on business models in the telecoms sector. He then worked for two years specifically as a postdoc in CMoHB, researching and developing customer profiling models before helping set up CountingLab.




Dr Laura-Jane Hattam - Postdoctoral Research Associate

Laura is a Postdoctoral research assistant in Applied Mathematics. Her research interests are in non-linear waves, dynamical systems and traffic flow. In particular, her research is an asymptotic and numerical investigation of Korteweg-de Vries-type equations and their application to traffic flow modelling. She is also currently involved with the TVV project, which entails long term impact modelling of the adoption of low carbon technologies on the low voltage network using agent based modelling methods.


Dr Nikolaos Kaplis -- Data Scientist/Senior Analyst at Countinglab

Nikos is a Data Scientist and Senior Analyst at CountingLab ltd., a commercial spin-out from CMOHB. He obtained his DPhil in Theoretical Physics, from the University of Oxford (Magdalen) in 2013. He studied aspects of String Theory and Holography. He joined the company in September 2016 and his interests include big-data analytics, machine learning and networks.


Dr Georgios Giasemidis - Senior Analyst at Countinglab

Georgios is a Senior Analyst at Countinglab Limited, a commercial spinout from CMOHB. He obtained his DPhil (PhD) in theoretical physics from the University of Oxford in 2013. Particularly he studied aspects of the dimensionality of infinite random graphs which are motivated by lattice approaches to quantum gravity such as the Causal Dynamical Triangulation. He joined the company in December 2013 and is interested in big data, random graphs and networks.



Prof Peter Grindrod CBE - Professor in Mathematics, Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford

Peter Grindrod is the founder of Reading's Centre for the Mathematics of Human Behaviour. In September 2013 Peter moved to Oxford, but continues to support and provide strategic and scientific advice to the Centre.

His career spans working in academia and industry within the energy, media, consumer goods, and security sectors; being interested also in modelling cognitive functions, from simple information processing up to consciousness.

Peter is a former member of EPSRC Council, and is a current member of BBSRC Council and of the MOD's DSAC. He is an advisory to many companies in the retail and energy sectors, and he is actively involved with a number of start up companies.

He is a former President of the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications (IMA), the UK's largest professional and learned society for mathematicians. He was awarded a CBE for services to mathematics in 2005.

 Our Associates

Big Social Data  Dr Marina Della Giusta - Associate Professor in Economics, University of Reading
Big Social Data 

Dr Sylvia Jaworska - Lecturer in Applied Linguistics,  University of Reading


 Big Social Data

 Dr Sarah Jewell - Lecturer in Economics, University of Reading


 Big Social Data

 Dr James Reade -Associate Professor in Economics, University of Reading









Dr. Jonathan Ward - Lecturer in Applied Mathematics, University of Leeds

Until June 2013 Jonathan Ward was a postdoctoral research assistant in CMoHB in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Reading. His position was funded by the EPSRC grant "MOLTEN: Mathematics Of Large Technological Evolving Networks" (EP/I016031/1). His current appointment can be found at:

  Tim Rogers - Prize Fellow, University of Bath
 photoMissing Dr. Richard Everitt - Lecturer in Statistics, University of Reading

 Sanjeev Hiramath - PhD student, University of Reading

Sanjeev has started his part-time PhD in CMoHB in June 2016 under supervision of Dr Greetham and Dr Giuseppe DiFatta. His research interests are in social temporal network analysis and in exploring connections between machine learning methodologies/mathematics and statistics. Sanjeev is Senior Enterprise IT Architect with over 20 years experience in providing IT consulting and architecture services. He has a BEng in Computer Science from the University of Bangalore, India

Our Former Members


 Dr Ugo Guarnacci - PhD in Economics

 Ugo defended his thesis "Investigating resilience in post-disaster, post-conflict Indonesia: governance, social networks and subjective well-being" supervised by Dr Della Giusta, Dr Jewell and Dr Greetham in Dec 2016.

Warren Hicks Picture  

Dr Warren Hicks - Technology transfer officer for CMOHB

Warren Hicks was part time technology transfer officer for CMOHB attached to the New Thames Valley Vision Project. His work is concentrated on developing links in the utility sector in water and energy. He is a Chartered Engineer with a PhD from Nottingham University.

 Cmohb Ewan colman

Dr Ewan Coleman - PDRA in CMoHB from May 2014 to May 2015. Ewan was employed for one year as a PDRA investigating the mathematical modelling of complex networks. He obtained his PhD in 2014 from Brunel University where he studied the structure and dynamics of various network models. Ewan now works at the University of Georgetown in Washington, USA. He can be contacted at: http://bansallab.com/people.html


 Anush Poghosyan

Dr Anush Pogoyashan - PDRA in CMoHB from October 2012 to May 2015. Anush worked on the Thames Valley Vision project for two years particularly looking at electric vehicle uptake and the impact this would have on the low voltage (11kV and below) network in terms of peak energy demand.

 Zhivko Stoyanov




 Dr Zhivko Stoyavanov -  PDRA in CMOHB Mathematics and statistics from March 2011 to April 2014. Zhivko worked with CINN (Centre for Integorative Neuroscience and Neurodynamics) and Neurohub (University of Oxford). His research concentrated on using fMRI data to infer the structure and operation of the brain and produce a mathematical model of neuron interactions.


Dr. Stephen Haben - PDRA at Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford and Academic Project Manager for TVV project

Until September 2013 Stephen Haben was a post-doctoral research assistant CMoHB in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Reading.


Dr. Ebrahim Patel - PDRA at Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford

Until September 2013 Ebrahim Patel was a post-doctoral research assistant CMoHB in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Reading.

Mohamed Chaouch

Dr. Mohamed Chaouch - PDRA, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Reading from October 2012 to June 2013


Dr. Mark Parsons - PDRA, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Reading from April 2012 to October 2013

Mark Parsons finished his PhD under the supervision of Prof Peter Grindrod. He left University of Reading to pursue a career in teaching.


 Dr Billie Joe Charlton - Senior Analyst, Counting Lab

Billie Joe was a senior analyst at Counting Lab Limited, a commercial spin-off of CMoHB. He obtained his PhD from Imperial College, London developing new methods for extracting and analysing mathematical models of computer systems. He then worked as a Research Fellow in the Foundations of Software systems group at Sussex University before working at the University of Reading.



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