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The Medline search string below will drag up most of the papers that are archived. Note however that, Jones being a relatively common name (at least in the UK), there is another IM Jones, Irene Jones, a radiation biologist at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, California, USA. Trying to separate us with the search string is difficult so the search below will bring up papers from both our groups. The context is pretty obvious though. If the subject is radiation or mutation related it is Irene but if it is virus or protein expression related it is me. 



A few popular press items can be found here:

Prions show their metal (a brief account of the findings, including those from my own group, that prion proteins, vCJD, BSE etc, are copper binding proteins ).

Hosting a killer (an overview of viruses and their variability).

Latest on avian flu (from the twice yearly University of Reading magazine).




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