Department of Applied Linguistics

Reading Working Papers in Linguistics 8 (2005)

Edited by Michalis Georgiafentis and George Kotzoglou


[The links below refer to PDF files of the papers; those papers without hyperlinks cannot be accessed online]


Bilingualism and syntactic change in medieval England
Richard Ingham

Clitics in Greek restrictive relatives: an integrated approach
George Kotzoglou & Spyridoula Varlokosta

Benefactives in English: evidence against argumenthood
Tim Nisbet

Phonetics / Phonology

The relationship between note values and speech timing   Moraic representation in Japanese children's songs
Hitomi Nakata


The Modern Greek anaphoric expression o idhios : a neo-Gricean pragmatic analysis
Michael Chiou

Sentence connectives and deictic shift in Paasaal narrative
Stuart McGill

Applied linguistics

TEI mark-up of spoken language data: the BASE experience
Sarah M. Creer & Paul Thompson

A metacognitive perspective on the growth of self-regulated EFL student writers
Zhoulin Ruan

Clinical linguistics

Piloting a new battery of phonological awareness tasks on Greek hearing children: implications for administration with Greek deaf children
Evi Kyritsi & Deborah M. James

Comprehension of wh -questions in agrammatism: a single-case study
Christos Salis & Susan Edwards

Linguistic heterogeneity in Williams syndrome
Vesna Stojanovik, Mick Perkins & Sara Howard

Verbal inflection in Greek aphasia
Spyridoula Varlokosta, Natalia Valeonti, Maria Kakavoulia, Mirto Lazaridou, Alexandra Economou & Athanassios Protopapas

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