PATTERNS AND PERSPECTIVES: Insights into EAP writing practice

Edited by Paul Thompson
A CALS publication
ISBN 0 7049 1302 X


From there to here: writing

Ron White, the University of Reading

Attribution and averral revisited: three perspectives on manifest intertextuality in academic writing

Nicholas Groom, Institute of Education

Citation practices in academic writing

Erik Borg, Leeds College of Technology

The role of an introductory it pattern in constructing an appropriate academic persona

Maggie Charles, Oxford University

The Different Guises of a PhD Thesis and the Role of a Literature Review

Diana Ridley, University of Sheffield

From screen to print-out: written English, the word-processor and student writing

Mary Scott, Institute of Education

How does the development of critical thinking relate to the demands of academic writing in higher education?

Ros Richards, the University of Reading

Developing Critical Thinking in Writing

Anne Pallant, the University of Reading

Teaching Through Metaphor: Towards a Learner Friendly Language

Randal Holme and Julie King, University of Durham

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