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The ltalianist

The ltalianist publishes articles in English and in Italian on all areas of Italian Studies. It is the official journal of the Department of Italian Studies, University of Reading and of the Department of Italian, University of Cambridge, UK. It is edited by members of both departments, supported by an Editorial Board, comprised of Reading and Cambridge colleagues, and by an international Advisory Board.
Editor:             Zygmunt G. Baranski
Co-editors:   Claire E. Honess, Adam Ledgeway, Shirley W. Vinall
The ltalianist, which first appeared in 1981, has become established as one of the leading international journals of Italian studies. From the start, it has distinguished itself from other scholarly periodicals by the broad scope of its interests, opening its pages to articles dealing with all aspects of Italian art, culture, and life from the Middle Ages to the present. Thus it has successfully brought together medieval. philology and modern critical theory, history and gender studies, dialectology and cultural studies, history of art and the history of cinema, linguistics and economics.
Although The ltalianist primarily embraces original research, it also aims to provide space for other kinds of publication. The section ‘Writers’ Desktop’ includes interviews with artists, writers and intellectuals, as well as annual surveys of recent writing and unpublished material. ‘Information Desk’ is dedicated to short notes, review articles and assessments of recent noteworthy events; while ‘Presentations’ features critical surveys of important scholarly questions. Both as a result of the range of subjects treated in each issue and of the variety of ways in which these are addressed, The ltalianist intends not only to convey a sense of the complexity of Italy and of the wealth of academic attention focused on the country, but also to offer readers from different disciplines and with differing interests a forum where they can come together to express and discuss their common fascination with Italy.
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The ltalianist (ISSN 0261-4340) Cost per volume (2 issues) Individual: 28.00 North America: US$47.00 Institutional: 68.00 North America: US$114.00. For further information please contact: Maney Publishing, Publication Sales Department, Hudson Road, Leeds LS9 7DL, UK. Fax: +44 (0) 113 248 6983 Email: subscriptions@maney.co.uk or Maney Publishing North America, 44 Brattle Street, 4th Floor, Cambridge, MA 02138, USA. Fax: 6173546875 Email: maney@maneyusa.com








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