Post-Doctoral Seminars

I: The Meaning of the First Person Term, 2003, Berlin
First-Personal Thinking, 2001, Bremen.
Keeping an open mind: Themes from John McDowell, 2000, Bremen.

Graduate Lectures and Seminars

Mind and World, 2002, Oxford.
Integrity, 2001, Oxford
First-Personal Thinking, 2000, Oxford.
Key Papers of John McDowell and Gareth Evans, 1999, Oxford.
Philosophy of Action (with John Hyman), 1999, Oxford.

Upper-Level Undergraduate Courses

Personal Identity and the Self, Reading.
Language and Reality, Reading.
Philosophy of Language, Reading, William and Mary.
Philosophy and Film, Reading, William and Mary.
Theory of Knowledge, William and Mary.
Contemporary Analytic Philosophy, William and Mary.
Empiricism and the Philosophy of Mind, William and Mary.
History of Philosophy from Descartes to Kant, Reading, Oxford, Kent.
Symbolic Logic, Reading, Oxford, William and Mary.
Ethics, Oxford.
Philosophy of Logic and Language, Reading, Oxford, Kent.
Philosophy of Mind, William and Mary, Reading, Oxford, Kent.
Knowledge and Reality (Metaphysics and Epistemology), Reading, Oxford.
Philosophy of Science, Oxford.
Philosophy of Religion, Reading, Oxford.

Entry-Level Undergraduate Courses

Freshman seminar in Philosophy, William and Mary.
Introduction to Philosophy, Reading, William and Mary, Kent.
Philosophy for 1st Public Exam (Descartes; Mill; Elementary Formal Logic), Oxford.