European Pollinator Initiative

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Plan of Action


Value of Pollinators

Our Mission

To protect and enhance the biodiversity and economic value of pollinators throughout Europe




Organisation of the European Pollinator Initiative

Many organisations and individuals across Europe are involved in activities relating to pollinators.  The European Pollinator Initiative is working to promote pollinator research, management, conservation, policy development and education.    Find out more


Value of Pollinators

Pollinators provide essential services to both nature and society.  Many of our European crops and wild flowers rely upon insect pollination to produce seeds and fruits. Find out why pollinators are so important








 Andrena fuscipes













    Bombus argillaceus







                                                                  Bombus pascuorum



Plan of Action

The European Pollinator Initiative aims to bring together interested parties to focus on a range of activities which will help conserve and manage pollinators to enhance the services they provide.  Plan of Action






  Euglossa sp.

Useful Links

Several other regional Pollinator Initiatives are also underway, as well as many international projects.


The Way Forward

Find out how you can become involved in the European Pollinator Initiative.  Participate in the EPI European Pollinator Initiative Coordinated by: Centre for Agri-Environmental Research    Reading University, PO Box 237, RG6 6AR, UK



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