“Adding real educational value to the science lab ”


Virtual Experiments are in the first instance stand-alone versions of the actual experiments that they have recorded. It should normally be possible for the educator to work out what to do in order to carry out the experiment in the same way that he or she might do so with the real equipment. As with the real equipment, the educator may then write a script or worksheet at the appropriate level for the target student cohort.

However, life is short, and so most VEs will come with some built in very basic interactive prompts to explain the equipment and to say a bit about which knob to turn and which switch to flick. For many VEs, we have prepared some simple suggested scripts and/or worksheets which might serve as a starting point for the educator, although they will need amendment to suit the particular level of target students. Also, just as with real equipment, the same apparatus can often be used in different ways to produce a range of experiments that make different demands on the students, so it is not appropriate to be too prescriptive with the instructions.

We hope that all our VEs work as they should, but no one's perfect, and we would be very keen to receive any feedback from users, either telling us what they liked and what they didn't, or pointing out flaws or crashes.