Student Feedback

Initial analysis of the student questionnaires has shown that 82% of respondents would like their lecturer to keep using video feedback next year. In addition, 60% said that 'receiving video feedback encouraged them to take more notice of the feedback compared with normal methods'.

Below is a short video from one student who used ASSET:



Below are several quotes from students who have used ASSET:

'It was easier to gauge the reaction and emphasis of a lecturer by watching a video than it was through written feedback.'

'Watching and listening to someone speak says more than reading feedback.'

'Video feedback was good, a lot was covered in a very short time and you could refer back to it (perhaps for other similar work). Having a video means you can just watch it again and again.'

'More interactive form of feedback; more interesting to listen to and watch.'

'I could engage better, absorbing more information with video feedback.'


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