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The Ure Museum of Greek Archaeology

General Schools Information

What Does the Ure Museum Offer?

The Ure Museum offers led sessions for Key Stage Two pupils in the Greeks or Egyptians, as well as A- or AS-level sessions, or other sessions tailored to your group needs.

Please note there is a charge for group visits.

A Valuable Resource

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school ativitiesThere are approximately 2000 objects in the Museum, not all of which can be displayed at any one time. However the displays are changed periodically and less valuable items may be handled by school groups. The museum is open between 9 am and 4.30 pm weekdays. School groups must book in advance for a session - please contact the ducation Officer.


The Olympics: Getting ready for the 2020 Olympics we're revivinig a trail originally conceived and presented by a local charity, AACT, with whom we worked. Here's links to some of our content:

Interactive Resource- Annie's Box

This exciting new interactive experience is a collaboration between the Ure Museum and Museum in a box.

How do we know about what happened in the past? Historians and archaeologists use bits and pieces of information- whatever they can find- and use those bits and pieces to create a narrative. Become a historian and use the collection to piece together Annie's story.

So who was Annie? Open the box to find out!

Annie's box covers Key Stage 2 and 3 subjects, such as Geography, History, English and Citizenship.

If you would like to have Annie Ure's box in your classroom, please contact our Education Officer ure.education@reading.ac.uk



Special Events

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school ativitiesThe Ure also holds occassional special events for school groups and family groups. See the Events page for upcoming events, or contact the Education Officer.

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