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Research Review is produced twice a year and highlights some of the excellent current research taking place at Reading.

In the current issue

Issue 15 2013-4 includes:

  • Learning from Multilingualism

Reading has launched a cutting-edge Centre for Literacy and Multilingualism to research how speakers of more than two languages learn and process information. It brings together the University's specialisms in literacy, psychology, linguistics, teacher training, cognitive control and intercultural communication.

  • Palaeoclimatology: using the past to better predict the future

The new Centre of Past Climate Change will be launched in 2014. We discuss how the University's expertise in palaeoclimatology can help us to both validate future climate predictions and provide insight into the rate and impact of climate change.

  • A look inside the Brain Embodiment Lab

Reading has set up the unique Brain Embodiment Laboratory to study the loop of information between brain and body. It allows researchers to investigate how signals in the nervous system are generated. This will help identify the underlying problems that lead to common neurodegenerative and neuromotor diseases.

  • The Impact of Impact

Research impact is now measured as part of the Research Excellence Framework (REF). Three of our top academics discuss how to measure the effect our work has in the 'real world'. REF results will be announced in late 2014.


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