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Global reach, local impact

The brochure Global reach, local impact examines the impact of the University's expenditure in the local economy, the knock-on or multiplier effects of this spend, and the secondary spend of University staff and students locally. It also details many of the ways in which the University, its staff and students make contributions to the local community, through, for example, training the regions' teachers, developing the skills of mental health professionals, volunteering and playing active roles in community organisations and playing fulfilling roles in the area after graduation.

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The scale of our impact

The University of Reading contributes £650 million to the local economy each year.

A major employer

We attract highly-skilled people to the region and provides employment in occupations across the entire skills spectrum.

Active contributors to the community

With a constant student population of around 19,000, the University of Reading is a key source of human capital in the region.

Training the region's teachers

The University's Institute of Education trains 1,000 new teachers for the region's schools each year.

An enterprising university

We are a world-class research intensive university with research strengths strongly aligned to resolving issues of global importance and to working with business to achieve solutions for society.

A community resource

Over 60,000 people attend University public lectures, events or visit our museums every year.

Working in partnership

The University of Reading has a collaborative approach to working, with hundreds of partnerships with organisations both across the globe and in the local region.

Bringing business to the region

Business tourism is worth £3.5 million to the University every year.

A global flagship

The work of the University of Reading straddles local, national and international boundaries. Increasingly, in an increasingly globalised world, it is the University's international profile that is defining our reputation.

A clinical resource for the community

Our School of Psychology and Clinical Language Sciences provides training for regional mental health professionals and community clinical facilities in tandem with its research in the areas of mental health, child anxiety and speech therapy.

A green university

The University of Reading has been at the forefront of research into sustainability and the environment for many decades.

At home in the thriving Thames Valley

In conjunction with the attractiveness of the beautiful surrounding countryside, the University of Reading's location is of paramount importance in continuing its success.

The role of the higher education sector

Higher education is worth £59 billion to the UK economy.

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Global reach, local impact - economic impact of the University of Reading

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