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Type designWe take knowledge transfer seriously and have built relationships with a range of research users.

Gerry Leonidas and Fiona Ross provide regular consultancy on type design and typography to Adobe Systems Inc, Ascender Corporation, Bitstream, Linotype GmbH, Monotype Imaging Inc, Microsoft Corporation as well as several smaller companies and individuals. This work has included:

  • design consultancy and development on Indian Language Kits for Apple Computers
  • non-Latin advisor, quality assessor and font developer for Linotype GmbH on Arabic and Indian fonts
  • design consultancy, font development and quality assessment on Arabic fonts for WinSoft S.A.
  • consultancy on Arabic localization for Quark Inc
  • type design and development of OpenType features for Adobe Systems Inc. on Arabic, Thai and Indian fonts with Tiro Typeworks
  • script consultancy and quality assessment on Indian fonts for Monotype Imaging
  • script consultancy and quality assessment on Thai fonts for Bitstream Inc.
  • type designand development of OpenType features for Dalton Maag's client Vodafone on Hindi fonts with Tiro Typeworks.

Gerard Unger's typefaces, Allianz Sans and Allianz Serif, were designed for one of the largest German financial institutions as part of their corporate identity programme.

Sue Walker's work on typography for children based on the empirical findings of the Typographic Design for Children project resulted in a book for teachers published by the National Centre for Language and Literacy published a booklet for teachers in 2005; the typeface, Fabula, has been adopted by Collins as the cover typeface for their series of dictionaries for children.

Paul Luna's research in dictionary design has resulted in projects for publishers including children's dictionaries for Oxford University Press and the design of an Irish-English dictionary for Lexicography Masterclass.

Sue Walker has contributed to government initiatives through her invited work for the Design Council: Knowledge Cell on Information Design.

Rob Waller has joined the department recently after twenty years in practice, and is launching the Simplification Centre with a primary aim of making research knowledge accessible to organisations communicating with the public about complex matters.

Martin Andrews and Michael Twyman run regular day symposia for archivists, curators and librarians using material from the Lettering, Printing and Graphic Design Collections.

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