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The following quotes are from postgraduates who have recently completed their studies at Reading:

David Brezina

Graduate 2007, MA Typeface design

'Having graphic design and computer science as a background I decided to study typeface design. The academic year 2006–2007 in Reading was definitely the hardest in respect of education I have got so far. The amount of work fits the year well, however, students' dedication usually pushes the limit further on to achieve rewarding results.

It has to be said that a substantial part of the programme is self-driven study and work. This, in my opinion, assures that students build transferable skills not only to produce their own typefaces but also to grow independently as designers. The course has two unique features: non-Latin typeface design and a fair amount of academic writing. These completely redefine typeface design to a difficult and in-depth interdisciplinary subject involving linguistics, psychology, engineering, history and design.

The staff of the department consist of world-class experts in the field. Their outstanding lectures and feedback sessions are accompanied by several visiting lecturers throughout the year. Furthermore the communication with other students and with students from other programmes in particular is an important source of view-points and inspiration.

I am still slowly realizing how much I have learned in this remarkable year.'

Jasso Lamberg

Graduate 2007, MA in Theory & History of Typography and Graphic Communication (please note: this course is no longer available and has been replaced with the MA(Res))

'I was working as a graphic designer when I decided that I wanted to continue my studies. After design college and working I was craving something more theoretical, and the Theory & History programme in Reading was clearly the best option for me. The programme offers independence by allowing you to choose your own topics according to your interests. This flexibility also means that you need to be responsible for your own studies to some extent. This suited me, and I enjoyed plotting my own course, while the staff were still helpful whenever I had questions. The time spent in Reading was truly an experience. I was the only one pursuing this particular programme, but never without friends from the other MA students from 10 different countries. The things that I learned and the whole experience confirmed that in addition to design I also want to teach and continue my studies further. Now as I am returning home, I will be combining part-time lecturing with freelancing. I believe the year in Reading sparked an interest in me that will drive me to learn more throughout my life.'

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