MA (Res) Typography & Graphic Communication

Course Director: Mary Dyson

MA Res StudentThis course provides you with a broad historical and theoretical perspective on typography and graphic communication in preparation for a higher degree by research. It is ideal for graduates from other disciplines and those who wish to strengthen their practical design skills through developing research knowledge and skills.

Course structure

There are four main components:

  • Research methods
  • Directed reading
  • Historical or theoretical specialization
  • Dissertation

Research methods

You prepare for reading and writing about design through learning how to undertake different types of research, what is involved in evaluating sources, what is meant by critical reading.

Directed reading

You practise your research skills through engaging with a range of literature which provides a grounding in theoretical, empirical and historical elements of the subject.

Historical or theoretical specialization

Informed by your directed reading, you chose between learning how to use archives and collections as a research tool (Archives and collections) and exploring a range of material and methods, from within and outside typography, which focus on user needs and behaviour (Evaluation and user-centred design).


You choose a topic in consultation with staff that enables you to show your intellectual mastery of a particular aspect of design (e.g. typography theory, information design, printing and book design history).

Teaching and learning

You are taught by Departmental staff who cover the various aspects, but you also develop your own focus and we help you develop an independent approach to learning, in preparation for further study.

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