Otto and Marie Neurath Isotype Collection


The Otto and Marie Neurath Isotype Collection is the most comprehensive archive of the work of the Isotype movement. It documents methods of designing and disseminating data that have played a major role in twentieth-century graphic design thinking. Given to the University of Reading by Marie Neurath in 1971, the Isotype Collection includes documents, correspondence, published works, and artefacts relating tot the history, principles, working methods, and products of the movement, from its begginings in 1920s Vienna through to its later incarntions in The Hague, Oxford and London.

The Isotype Collection offers excellent opportunities for scholars interested in European social history between World Wars, inter-War modernism, the history of information design, and campaigns and initiatives that address social and economic planning, public health, housing, and other dimensions of life. The collection will be equally valuable to anyone involved in graphic design of data, museum design, or communication of complex issues to children, particularly in history, and in the natural and physical sciences.

Items from the collection can be seen on the Isotype revisited website.

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