Department publications

Typography Papers

Latest issues can be ordered through Hyphen Press.

Other Department Publications

Occasionally the Department undertakes special assignments in book publishing on design-related subjects. These publications are made to a high standard, designed and/or printed in the Department. They are listed below and can be ordered from us directly.

Edward Wright: readings, writings

Edward Wright, and others. Available to order through Hyphen Press.

Edward Wright: readings, writings accompanies the exhibition 'Edward Wright: design work'. The book, like the exhibition, emerges from the AHRC-funded project ' The optimism of modernity: recovering modern reasoning in typography'

A word in your eye: opinions, observations, and conjectures on design from 1960 to the present

Ken Garland

280x210mm, 160pp., soft cover, ISBN 0704911213
Published 1996, £14. SOLD OUT

International picture language/Internationale Bildersprache: facsimile/Faksimile

Otto Neurath

A4 (297x210mm), 70pp., soft cover, ISBN 0704904896
Published 1975, reprinted 1980, £10. SOLD OUT

Graphic communication through Isotype

A4 (297x210mm), 48pp., soft cover, ISBN 0704904802
Published 1975, second, revised edition 1981, £10. SOLD OUT

Whiteknights Press

Occasionally the Department undertakes special assignments in book publishing in collaboration with groups outside the Department under the imprint of the Whiteknights Press. These publications are designed and printed in the Department to a high standard. They are listed below and can be ordered from us directly.

Anton / The Peasant: two stories of serfdom

D.V. Grigorovich
Translated by Michael Pursglove (with Nina Allan)

150x150mm, 202pp., hard cover, ISBN 07049911611
Published 1991, Price on application.

The Prisons of the Queen of Navarre

Marguerite de Navarre
Translated by Hilda Dale

245x145mm. 152pp. + xix, soft cover, ISBN 0704901145
Published 1989, reprinted 1995, Price on application.


Pierre Reverdy
Translated by Martin Bell, with a foreword by Peter Porter & an introduction by John Pilling

210x130mm. 119pp., soft cover, ISBN0704901188?Published 1997, £15. SOLD OUT

The courtship narrative of Leonard Wheatcroft, Derbyshire yeoman,

Leonard Wheatcroft
Edited by George Parfitt and Ralph Houlbrooke

200x125mm. 93pp., hard cover, ISBN 0704901110
Printed 1986, Price on application.

The collected poems of A.S.J. Tessimond,

A.S.J. Tessimond
With translations from Jacques Prévert, edited by Hubert Nicholson

240x155mm. 188pp. + xviii., soft cover, ISBN0704901099
Published 1985, reprinted 1986 and 1993, £14. SOLD OUT

The poems of Drummond Allison,

Drummond Allison
Edited by Michael Sharp

190x150mm. 86pp., hard cover, ISBN 0704901072
Published 1978, SOLD OUT

The poems and masques of Aurelian Townshend,

Aurelian Townshend
With music by Henry Lawes and William Webb, edited by Cedric C. Brown

246x189mm, 126pp., hard cover, ISBN0704901080
Published 1983, Price on application.

Where the parallels cross

Cynthia Hogue,

220x130mm, 80pp., soft cover, ISBN0704904950
Published c.1980, Price on application.

The uncollected Poems of Digby Mackworth Dolben

Digby Mackworth Dolben
Edited by L.M. Cohen

Designed by Pauline Key, 210x148mm (A5), 56pp., soft cover
Published 1973 (in an edition of 200 numbered copies), SOLD OUT

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