Staff Profile:Dr Rob Banham

Dr Rob Banham
Job Title:
Associate Professor

Rob is the Department Director of Teaching and Learning, Examinations Officer, and Year Tutor for undergraduates in their third year of study. He has a particular interest in using archives and collections in teaching and research.

Areas of Interest:

Rob graduated in Typography & Graphic Communication in 2000 before completing a PhD on the work of Frederick Gye and Giles Balne, nineteenth-century letterpress printers. This brought together his three main research interests: the design of printed ephemera, the influence of technology on design, and the history of colour printing. He also writes and speaks about contemporary design.

In addition to his teaching and research, Rob works as a freelance designer, specialising in designing books, and journals. He edits and designs The Ephemerist (journal of the Ephemera Society), and from 2001-2010 was Chairman of the Friends of St Bride Library who organised a highly successful programme of lectures and conferences on a wide variety of subjects related to design and printing.  

Research groups / Centres:

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pp. 408-39

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+44 (0) 118 378 6399

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