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Dr Jeanne-Louise Moys
Job Title:

Jeanne-Louise teaches design practice, theory and research skills across a range of genres and platforms.

Areas of Interest:

Jeanne-Louise's professional and research interests lie in user-focused design across both digital and traditional media. Her doctoral research investigated how changing the typographic presentation of information can change people's impressions of documents and how they decide to engage with information. She continues to extend her research into typographic communication to different genres, including the presentation of complex information and user-engagement across digital devices. She is also interested in research methods and design pedagogy.

Research groups / Centres:

Jeanne-Louise is involved in the research activities of the Centre for Information Design Research (CIDR) and serves on the committee of the Information Design Association (IDA). She has worked as a senior designer and in editorial roles across corporate communications, educational and trade publishing, magazine and newspaper publishing, and other design sectors in both South Africa and the UK. She previously taught communication design at Rhodes University in South Africa and tutored on the graphic design and illustration programmes for the Interactive Design Institute.

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Jeanne-Louise holds a Bachelor of Journalism (specialising in Communication Design) and a Master of Arts from Rhodes University. Her Masters research explored the articulation of visual identity in the post-apartheid South African design industry. Her PhD from the University of Reading, "Typographic meaning: readers' impressions of patterns of typographic differentiation" was jointly funded by the University of Reading and the Centre for Information Design/Simplification Centre. Jeanne-Louise is also a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

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