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Dr Fiona Ross
Job Title:
Associate Professor

Lecturer in non-Latin typeface design on MA Typeface Design programme; Lecturer in research methodology and academic writing skills for postgraduates; supervision of PhD students and KTP students.

Curator of the Non-Latin Type Collection including its maintenance as a growing resource for researchers and students, including the digital capture of original artefacts and the development of digital databases to form on-line resources.

Areas of Interest:

Fiona has a background in languages and from 1978 to 1989 worked for Linotype Limited (UK) and was responsible for the design of Linotype's non-Latin fonts and typesetting schemes. Since 1989 she has worked as a consultant, type designer, art director, and lecturer, and in 2003 joined the Department of Typography & Graphic Communication at the University of Reading.

Her recent work as type designer has been in collaboration with Tim Holloway and John Hudson (as Associate Designer of Tiro Typeworks), notably on Adobe Arabic (TDC award 2006), Adobe Thai, Vodafone Hindi (TDC award 2008) and Adobe Devanagari (2009), Nirmala UI Devanagari (2011), Aldhabi (Perso-Arabic script, 2012) and Sarkar (Bengali script, 2012).

In addition to presenting conference papers and running workshops, Ross has co-curated six international exhibitions, written and contributed to books and numerous articles; her work and research is focused on (1) non-Latin typeface design: theory, history, practice; (2) design approaches to multi-script typeface design; (3) the relationship of tools and typefounding methods to the visible appearance of non-Latin typeforms.

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Related publications


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Book chapters

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Certificate in Sanskrit, University of Tubingen; German BA Hons, University of Kent at Canterbury; Postgraduate Diploma Sanskrit with Pali, School of Oriental and African Studies;

PhD Indian Palaeography, SOAS.

Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts

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+44 (0) 118 378 4325

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