TDi: ten days of typeface design

The word ‘adhesion’ is used to enable rapid development and testing of a new typeface’s basic proportions and features. In this example the difficult ‘s’ is omitted for faster progress.The TDi takes the best aspects of the MATD and distills them into an intensive summer course. Our aim is to fit in a short time representative aspects of the full programme, while keeping the quality of the sessions and the level of the discussion at a very high level. The next course will be running on 9-20 July 2018.

We admit a small number of participants, who work closely with key staff from the MATD and selected visitors. The schedule includes seminars, demonstrations, sessions with archival material, tutorials, and feedback on practical work.

The course is ideal for experienced graphic designers, typographers, and web designers, as well as educators and researchers. Researchers in the middle of PhD in other institutions, who may need additional support for a type-orientated project will benefit from both our practical feedback and research support. Experienced typeface designers will uncover new dimensions to their work, with often profound results. People who have not designed typefaces before will extend their understanding of the field, and develop their skills in an intensive environment. Our emphasis on global scripts makes the course invaluable to anyone interested in, or working with typefaces for a worldwide market.

More information and details can be found on this page.

Registration will open in December 2017

For more information contact Gerry Leonidas.



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