What is an Engineering Doctorate?


The Engineering Doctorate (EngD) is a four-year postgraduate award for research engineers who undertake an industry-based research project and university taught modules. If you are aspiring to key managerial positions in the construction industry you may find this course gives you the edge over your competitors. The EngD programme is radically different from the thesis only, university-based PhD study; it has a strong industrial input as it is targeted at solving engineering problems within an industrial context. Strong industrial collaboration between the university researchers and industrial partners throughout the duration of the programme will give you important skills and experience. In addition to the research project, a Research Engineer (RE) registered for EngD will be required to take taught modules in the subject area of TSBE as well as in research training, presentation skills, business and project management.

The Research Engineer will be expected to develop competency in the following and possibly other areas:

  • a culture of applying sustainable solutions to engineering systems;
  • expert knowledge of a particular engineering area;
  • project management skills, and planning and control against realistic time-scales;
  • team-working and leadership skills;
  • communication skills: oral and written, technical and non-technical;
  • technical organisational skills and the ability to apply skills and knowledge to new situations;
  • the ability to seek optimal, viable solutions to multi-faceted engineering problems and to search out relevant information sources.

We run block-modules delivered over a short period (typically a week) in a number of our MSc courses which are also available for engineers in industry as part of their continuing professional development (CPD). These will be available to EngD students. The modules should be completed and assessed before the end of the second year of the EngD programme.

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