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TSBE Research Engineers at workThe TSBE Centre is now in its eighth year and we have been joined by PhD and I-case PhD candidates and also KTP associates. The researchers meet regularly at team meetings, training seminars and social events throughout the year. This regular contact ensures an integrated group across all years and programmes on both a social and a peer support basis. The structure of the EngD with the framework of taught modules also lends to the cohesion of the group. This has been an exciting time for the TSBE Centre as we have been busy setting up  new projects with a diverse culture of sponsor companies. We reflect that excitement in our programmes by encouraging interaction between the students themselves and facilitating networking opportunities through the sponsor companies and at both UK and international conferences. Read the comments below to find out what our Research Engineers think of the EngD programme.

Richard Tetlow

I started my EngD in October 2010 and it was a fantastic experience. It allows you to develop both your academic and practical skills through Masters level modules and by working within a company. You also get to meet fellow researchers with a real passion for sustainability at the TSBE centre.

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Michelle Agha-Hossein

The EngD is not purely university-based research, it is problem solving through innovation, practical design and project management.

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Dan Williams

The EngD programme has surpassed all of my expectations. I come from a background in computer and environmental science and the first two years of the EngD taught element has been setup in such a way as to complement and enhance my skills with those of sustainability and environmentalism. Working in between academia and a business is certainly an interesting and sometimes volatile place to be, however the TSBE is setup in such a way as to provide full support to the research engineers. This support enabled me to get research completed with companies that is cutting edge but also has real-time and tangible applications! The TSBE is in a unique position within the university and being able to gain advice and expertise from areas such as the Informatics Research Centre, Henley Business School and the Walker Institute enabled my research to span different areas that is vital to environmental technology research.

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Christopher Knight

I have found TSBE to be very challenging, fostering good relations with both academic and industrial staff is essential for this process and I believe will be exceptionally useful in future for the research minded engineer. The interaction between the students has also broadened my perspective, introducing many varied ideas on how we can improve industry by considering the environment and our impact on it. The TSBE requires a great deal of maturity, allocating task priorities as well as strict time keeping, you are required to complete assignments with strict deadlines as well as researching, where you set your own deadlines. I think the TSBE offers you a great chance to grow as an individual and an engineer.

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Marek Kubik, Alumni

The EngD is excellent alternative to the more conventional PhD. The element of a real pressing industry challenge to each project makes the work we do that much more exciting and vital. Through our industrial sponsors, there are plenty of opportunities to build a network of contacts that will help you secure a job upon graduation.

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Peter Burgess

I had previously considered studying for a PhD a number of times but was put off by three issues. Firstly, a PhD is another four years exclusively in academia which means you risk being left without the kind of business skills which are important to making progress professionally. Secondly, PhD stipends are not usually competitive with the salaries available elsewhere. Thirdly, I might not be good enough. As far as these issues go, an EngD virtually eliminates the first as you are working day to day with the industrial sponsor, picking up the kind of experience that will really set you apart from the standard PhD field when it comes to getting jobs in the future. EngD stipends are higher than PhD stipends, enough to make a big difference to the standard of living. As for the third issue, you don't know until you try.

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Howard Darby

The EngD programme at the TSBE has provided me with a fantastic opportunity to carry out in depth research on a topic of great interest to me, and which is highly relevant to the needs of the construction industry and its efforts to deal with climate change.

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