How to apply

There are currently no vacancies on the Engineering Doctorate programme.


Eligibility criteria

To apply for the Engineering Doctorate programme applicants will need to meet the following requirements:


Minimum of upper second class or Masters' degree in a relevant engineering or science subject. A lower qualification is also acceptable if supplemented with a relevant post-graduate qualification (eg MSc) and/or substantial industrial experience.

EPSRC eligibility criteria:

To be eligible for an EngD studentship, an applicant must demonstrate a relevant connection with the UK, usually established by being ordinarily resident for a period of three years immediately before the date of application. Ordinarily, resident means not wholly or mainly resident for the purpose of full-time education. All EU nationals are eligible to receive a fees only award if they do not have settled status in the UK. For more details refer to the ESPRC website. Studentship eligibility will be assessed by the Faculty Office upon receipt of a full application and further information may be requested if required.

Sponsoring company:

Every Research Engineer will be sponsored by a company who will have worked with the TSBE Centre and University academics in selecting a research project. A nominated individual from the company will be part of the supervisory team.

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Available funding

New Recruits

The minimum stipend payable will be around £20,000 with at least £15,090 tax free.

In addition a Project Expense Package is provided and all tuition fees are paid.

Company Employee

A company employee who is accepted onto the EngD programme can expect the stipend to be assessed based on the individual circumstances. It will never be less than £around £20,000 with at least £15,090 tax free. Again a Project Expense Package is provided and all tuition fees are paid.

For advertised positions, apply online at: 

If you are unable to apply online you can request a paper application form by telephoning +44(0) 118 378 5289 or writing to the Admissions Office, University of Reading, Miller Building, Whiteknights, Reading, RG6 6AB, UK. You can upload your CV and personal statement to the online system together with transcripts and references.

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Recruitment process

If you are shortlisted for a position you will be invited to attend an interview at the TSBE Centre, University of Reading. This will be a panel interview consisting of representatives from the TSBE Centre, the Industrial Sponsor Company and the academic supervisors for the research project.

Formal Offer

If successful, a formal offer will be made by the Postgraduate Admissions Office, University of Reading.

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