Vicky Fillingham

Project Title: Vicky Fillingham

Re-defining cost, project and carbon management through Building Information Modelling

Partner Organisation:

Faithful & Gould

First Supervisor:

Dr Stephen Gulliver

Second Supervisor:

Dr Dragana Nikolic

Project Description:

Faithful and Gould are a leading multi-disciplinary consultancy, who are pushing innovation within the company structure towards the Government's target to deliver Level 2 BIM for all publicly funded projects by 2016.

The project has been designed to critically evaluate the current interfaces used between project teams, management consultants and the wider supply chain; identifying how existing service delivery requirements are challenged by the adoption of Building Information Modelling and the carbon economy. Considering that operational expenditure currently accounts for 80% of all lifetime costs, the research will therefore focus on the use of Building Information Modelling for the Operation and Maintenance phase of an asset's life cycle.  It will investigate the necessary standards of information for appropriate reuse and transference throughout the whole operational life, with the main aim of developing a framework for delivering information modelling for the sustainable management of built assets.

Project Poster:

 Vicky Fillingham Project Poster

Student Profile:

A significant part of my degree in Architecture and Environmental Engineering at the University of Nottingham saw my involvement in the Solar Decathlon Europe (SDE), an international competition to promote research in the development of energy efficient housing.  The competition provided me with hands on experience constructing a Code for Sustainable Homes level 6 Passivhaus, a unique opportunity allowing me to quickly develop an understanding for the procedures and strategies required to achieve best practice sustainable design.  It highlighted the need for advanced regulations within the management of the design and construction industry, and has been my main impetus for entering into the field of research.

Associated/Relevant Research Groups/Centres:

Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors


Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council

Expected Completion Date:


Why did you choose Reading?:

The University of Reading has a reputation of being an international centre of excellence for construction technology, climate modelling and business enterprise research.  The Engineering Doctorate programme was a great opportunity to combine the wealth of expertise from the Technologies for Sustainable Built Environments Centre with the practical experience of being involved with a leading industrial figure.


I graduated from the University of Nottingham with a four-year Masters degree in Architecture with Environmental Engineering (MEng), an integrated degree accredited by both the RIBA and CIBSE.


Journal papers

Conference papers

Book chapters


Fillingham, V., Malone, A., Gulliver, S.R., 2014, Building Information Modelling for the optimisation of Facilities Management: A Case Study Review



Interview detailing BIM Collaboration on Faithful and Gould website:

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