Sahm Sawaf

Project Title:Sahm Sawaf

Energy Reduction Solutions in Food Supermarkets

Partner Organisation:

Johnson Construction

First Supervisor:

Dr Janet Barlow

Second Supervisor:

Emmanuel Essah

Project Description:

The aim of the project is to find solutions to reduce energy consumption within food supermarkets. Three areas have been identified that contribute significantly to energy consumption in stores and these are:

1. Uncontrolled ventilation at entrance/ exit doors and how to minimise it.

2. Heat waste from refrigeration systems and how to recycle it for use in the store; and

3. Natural lighting and how integrate it with artificial lighting systems.

Project Poster:

Download Sahm's project poster (PDF-138MB)

Student Profile:

Since finishing my undergraduate degree I wanted to get involved within research but I was not sure where to start. My supervisor recommended that I should work in the industry first to build commercial knowledge and understanding of the current market. I found a post at a low carbon consultancy firm which was a new area to me. After working for a year, I decided that I need to know more about this topic. I enrolled on an MSc course where my technical understanding and knowledge of buildings and services expanded. After finishing my MSc, I decided that the time has come for me to start a research project. My research area is in energy reduction solutions within food retails. I have a BEng (Hons) Electronic Engineering, MSc Energy and Sustainable Building Design.

Associated/Relevant Research Groups/Centres:

Technologies for Sustainable Built Environment Centre


Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC)

Expected Completion Date:

December 2014

Why did you choose Reading?:

"Reading is a leading research university on the world stage and being part of Reading will give me the opportunity to meet with the best people in research which will enhance my knowledge and career ambitions."


BEng (Hons) Electronic Engineering (Westminster)
MSc Energy and Sustainable Building Design (De Montfort)


Journal papers

Conference papers

  • Sawaf, et. al.: Review of Factors Affecting Uncontrolled Ventilation in Food Supermarkets, University of Reading: Proc. TSBE EngD 2nd Annual Conf., July 2011

Book chapters





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