Stacey Waring

Project Title: Picture of Stacey Waring TSBE EngD Research Engineer

Investigating the features that constitute a bat friendly breathable roofing membrane

Partner Organisation:

BCT (Bat Conservation Trust)

First Supervisor:

Dr Emmanuel Essah

Second Supervisor:

Professor George Jeronomidis

Project Description:

My current project is focuses on 'What constitutes a bat friendly breathable roofing membrane?'This work will not only consider how bats may be affected by alterations to their roost conditions, but how membranes in bat roosts may be subjected to stresses that were previously not considered. The aim is to produce mitigation that ensures longevity of both bats and roofing membranes that may be installed in bat roosts. In order to do this I will need to work closely with the Bat Conservation Trust, membrane manufacturers and the construction industry, to ensure all parties are satisfied with the outcome.

Project Poster:

Download Stacey's project poster (PDF 227KB)

Student Profile:

As a zoology graduate, I have many interests from bees and crop pollination to how anthropogenic activities affect deep-sea communities. One theme that links all of my interests is 'How the modern world affects biodiversity and how it can be improved'. In order to address such problems, I believe it is vital to consider the problem from both a conservational and industrial point of view, to enable interdisciplinary solutions.

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