Ruth Dowsett

Project Title:

Sustainable Design Benefits and Analysis of RoI from the adoption of BIM processes and technologies within a (Property & Real Estate) business.

Partner Organisation:

Exitech and Capita Symonds

First Supervisor:

Dr Chris Harty

Second Supervisor:

Professor Jennifer Whyte

Project Description:

This EngD project will investigate how new working processes utilising emerging BIM technologies can be developed to deliver more sustainable design processes, and to produce demonstrable benefits of these processes across the whole life cycle for wider implementation within the sector. The project will undertake a detailed empirical case study of the current practices of a leading organisation in the sector, and will then follow and participate in the process of developing and implementing new processes for sustainable design, focussing on both benefits realised and ROI.

Project Poster:

Download Ruth's project poster (PDF-713KB)

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