Angelos Stasis

Project Title:

Design and innovation through data management: learning from CrossRail

Partner Organisation:

Bentley Systems and Crossrail

First Supervisor:

Second Supervisor:

Chris Harty

Project Description:

UK's infrastructure projects are associated with failures, since they usually surpass their allocated budgets, get delivered late and have huge environmental impacts. In a bid to deliver their own project in a sustainable and economical manner, Crossrail - currently UK's largest infrastructure project - will be utilising Bentley Systems and their integrated project solution. This project will seek to capture lessons learnt from the widespread usage of Bentley's sophisticated software packages, their interactions and their processes. A key theme to be acknowledged throughout the project is the interface between Bentley's breakthrough digital visualisation solutions and Crossrail's project realities. Additionally, the project aims at developing a sound methodology for assessing the success of advanced information management, both in environmental and monetary terms. Lastly, the project will attempt to make authoritative suggestions for future research and development.

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Angelos's research poster

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