Gary Middlehurst

Project title:Gary Middlehurst

Creating an intelligent building environment to enhance investment trader performance

Partner Organisation:


First Supervisor:

Dr Runming Yao

Second Supervisor:

Prof Derek Clements-Croome

Project Description:

The research will undertake a holistic investigation into how large occupied commercial environments seasonally perform when occupied on the basis of 1 person per 6m2 and when designed to accommodate investment trader desk-top ICT services and business functions. Additionally the research will focus upon occupant thermal and environmental comfort factors to facilitate a clearer empirical understanding of how large intensely operated spaces affect occupant comfort and performance. The empirical data obtained will be used to develop a next generation of investment trader building specifications to enable both a sustainable and effective design standard to be created in collaboration with ICT services and occupants. Extensive in-field monitoring of environmental conditions across selected UK; US and Asia Pacific sites will be undertaken, including occupant physiological monitoring, building surveys and occupancy questionnaires.

Project Poster:

Download Gary's project poster (PDF - 1MB)

Student Profile:

Apprentice trained in heavy rotating plant & machinery repair, transition to a management role followed 20-years of consultant and contractor experience before developing into a client role within the International Banking sector. Expertise in the design, management and operation of critical infrastructures and complex building operations, has allowed an opportunity to focus on a specific issue of developing a next generation of intelligent buildings to accommodate commercial banking environments using an intelligent and sustainable approach. As an academic and engineer for the past 25-years Continuing Professional Development is a key component to success, being able to apply academia, management and engineering to complex real life problems continues to provide opportunities to create new and exciting solutions which drives an engineer forward

Associated/Relevant Research Groups/Centres:

  • CIBSE FM & IBG Special Interest Groups
  • IET Built Environment
  • BIFM
  • BCO



Expected Completion Date:


Why did you choose Reading?:

Previously studied an MSc in Intelligent Buildings at the University of Reading, and an excellent reputation for Intelligent and Sustainable built environment research. The Technologies for Sustainable Built Environments (TSBE) centre was also a key decision maker and to work with Prof Janet Barlow, Prof. Derek Clements-Croome and Dr. Runming Yao.


  • ONC Electrical & Electronic Engineering
  • NC Building Services Engineering
  • Diploma in Executive Management
  • Chartered Engineer Diploma - Institute of Electrical
  • Engineers (IET)
  • MSc Intelligent Buildings
  • MIET


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