Faye Thomsit

Project Title: faye

Removing the barriers to retro-fitting green walls in an urban domestic setting

Partner Organisation:

Royal Horticultural Society/ Sutton Griffin

First Supervisor:

Dr Tijana Blanusa

Second Supervisor:

Dr Emmanuel Essah & Professor Paul Hadley

Project Description:

Climbing plants such as Hedera species (common ivy), when used for façade greening around buildings, can act to insulate the building interior against weather extremes thus reducing the need for winter heating and summer cooling. Their use around houses however, is anecdotally associated with potential damage to house walls and difficulty controlling ivy's aerial roots, which deters many homeowners from using ivy.

The project aims to overcome some of the reticence to structural greening by developing lower maintenance façade greening options.

Project Poster:

Faye Thomsit project poster (PDF - 780KB)

Student Profile:

 Having studied Ecology at University of East Anglia, I took a break from education. I returned to do a Masters in Ecological Applications with forestry at Silwood, Imperial College London. I have both studied and worked in a wide range of situations yet was constantly drawn towards the interactions between the urban environment and the species that exist there. This project was the perfect opportunity to explore greening urban spaces; which given the increase in urban centres may prove highly necessary.

Associated/Relevant Research Groups/Centres:

School of Agriculture, Policy and Development



Expected completion date:

September 2016

Why did you choose Reading?

I chose University of Reading because it is one of the top universities for research in the UK. I was pleased with my meetings with TSBE and my supervisor Dr Blanuša which gave me the confidence that this was the right team to be working with. I had got to know a bit about Reading while doing my masters project and so was comfortable with my surroundings. Finally the subject area gripped me and was something I could see myself working for well into the future.


MSc with Merit in Ecological Applications (Imperial College London)

BSc (Hons) 2:1 in Ecology (University of East Anglia, UEA)


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