New TSBE Doctors

 Our aims are to strengthen the links between The TSBE Centre, School of Construction Management & Engineering at the University of Reading and its graduates through the creation and management of an active and engaged alumni association.

We help you to stay in touch with fellow alumni and connect with the wider industry at networking events, as well as social and reunion events.

Through your time and expertise you can give something back to help the future of the TSBE Centre. Through our alumni network you can:

  • Attend networking events
  • Meet old friends at reunion events such as the Annual Dinner
  • Become a Research Fellow or Guest Lecturer


Samantha Mudie

Angelos Stasis

Ruth Dowsett

Laura Daniels


Jeremy Rawlings

Chris Knight

Sahm Sawaf

Bridget Ogwezi 

Daniel Saker 

Anthony Barnett

Trevor Keeling

Robert Burzynski 


Peter Burgess

Stacey Waring

Michelle-Marjan Aghahossein 

Howard Darby

Richard Tetlow

Soi Luong


Marek Kubik 
Tim McGinley 
Rosario Nobile  
Dan Williams 

TSBE Centre would love to hear how our alumni are getting on following their EngD with us. If you want to share your story with us, please contact us

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