Dan Williams

 Dan Williams, EngD Research Engineer at the Technologies for Sustainable Built Environments (TSBE) Centre, University of Reading


Where are they now?:

Dan completed his EngD in 2013 and has since set up his own company, Qingtech Ltd.

Dan is currently working as a researcher at the University of Reading.

Please see Dan's Linkedin profile for further information.

Thesis title:

The Contribution of Microsoft Technology and Innovation in Creating a Low Carbon Environment in the UK


I am passionate about the environment and technology and believe that technology can enable us to create a more sustainable and environmentally sensitive world. I am working with Microsoft UK and perform research into Environmentally Sustainable Technologies. I focus upon ways in which various technologies including hardware and software can aid in promoting, creating and managing environmental sustainability and reduce overall impact on the environment. My position within Microsoft UK allows for a unique blend of academia and corporate thinking to come together which greatly contributes to research that is focused upon real world and current issues.


Journal Papers

  • Williams, D. R.; Thomond, P.; Mackenzie, I., The Greenhouse Gas Abatement Potential of Enterprise Cloud Computing. Environmental Modelling & Software 2013.
  • Williams, D. R.; Tang, Y., Impact of Office Productivity Cloud Computing on Energy Consumption and Greenhouse Gas Emissions. Environmental Science & Technology 2013, 47, (9), 4333-4340.
  • Williams, D. R.; Tang, Y., Methodology to Model the Energy and Greenhouse Gas Emissions of Electronic Software Distributions. Environmental Science & Technology 2012, 46, (2), 1087-1095.

Conference Papers

  • Williams, D. R.; Thomond, P.; Mackenzie, I., The Greenhouse Gas Abatement Potential of Enterprise Cloud Computing. In Information and Communication Technologies for Sustainability, Hilty, L., Ed. ETH Zurich: Zurich, Switzerland., 2013; Vol. 2, p 21.
  • Williams, D.R; Tang, Y., The Potential Impact of Microsoft OS on Environmental Sustainability. In Microsoft Environmental Workshop, Microsoft Corp. Seattle, United States. 2010.

Book Chapters

  • Greenhouse Gas Protocol, GHG Protocol Product Life Cycle Accounting and Reporting Standard ICT Sector Guidance In Chapter 7 - Guide for assessing GHG emissions related to energy used by software, Greenhouse Gas Protocol: Washington, D.C., USA, 2012.


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