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The University of Reading is proud of its work in the field of student tutoring. Its flourishing student tutoring scheme began as part of the nationwide Community Service Volunteers 'Learning Together' programme that aimed to raise the aspirations of pupils in schools and to encourage them to continue in education beyond the age of 16 years, by placing students currently in Higher Education in the classroom alongside teachers, to give help and to act as positive role models. 

Growth of Tutoring

For more than 20 years, around 200 student volunteers each year have been visiting 30 local primary and secondary schools, two special schools and a homework club - many of them extending their time well beyond their initial commitment of 10 half-day visits. Continued willingness in terms of numbers of students offering themselves as tutors, and of schools eager to join, continues to characterise Student Tutoring at Reading.

Who joins Tutoring?

Voluntary tutoring appeals to students studying a broad range of subjects, with the largest contingent drawn from the sciences. International students are often enthusiastic volunteers too - many use their native language skills whilst all bring different cultural perspectives to their schools.

Benefits of Tutoring

Teachers, pupils and student tutors all make comments praising their experiences.

From a primary school pupil:
'When you have tutors you get more fun and you enjoy being with them'

From a student tutor:
'All the teachers were so helpful and friendly. The sheer excitement and enthusiasm of some of the children was incredible. And the amount of noise that comes with it! One girl asked me what Uni. was like - she asked if it was as big as the world!'
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From a Primary Teacher:
'Tutors were reliable and came whenever they said they would. They turned their hands to anything- games, art, IT, group work. Invaluable'

Clearly there are wide benefits for all who participate in student tutoring. Pupils say that they learned more and found lessons easier and more stimulating; teachers value the help the students give in the classroom, finding lessons easier to handle and more enjoyable; students feel they gain useful practice in communicating their knowledge and ideas and improve their self confidence.

How to Apply?

Please note that only currently registered students of the University of Reading and Randolph College are eligible to participate in this scheme.

We will Police Check applicants if required by schools or Local Education Authorities.

To register as a volunteer student tutor please PRINT a copy of the application form below. Completed forms, together with two photographs, should be sent to the Student Tutoring Co-ordinator. Acknowledgement of receipt of an application is not normally sent unless specifically requested.

 Application Form for Student Tutoring

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