Environmental Management System


The University has implemented an Environmental Management System (EMS) at all three of its main campuses; Whiteknights, London Road Campus in Reading and Greenlands Campus in Henley.  The EMS aims to reduce the significant environmental impacts of the University activities by using the structured EMS framework based on continual improvement.  The Environmental Management System has been certified to ISO14001 standard and Platinum EcoCampus.

The EMS covers all University activities on campus and includes; setting objectives and targets, implementing policy, complying with environmental legislation, pollution prevention procedures, training, communication and embedding a commitment to improve environmental performance.

ISO14001 Greenlands BSI

For information about the Environmental Management System at Greenlands please follow this link.




Scope of the Whiteknights and London Road EMS:

The scope includes Whiteknights Campus and London Road Campus plus the activities and operation that occur within the boundary of these sites.  These activates include estates and facilities operations, teaching and research activities plus support services. 

The scope excludes wholly tenanted buildings such as RSSL, STC and Enterprise Centre.  It also excludes the Halls as these are managed by a third party who operate their own ISO14001 certified EMS.  The EMS also excludes the Farms and overseas campuses. 


Benefits of an EMS:

    • Cost Savings - by reducing energy use, saving water and reducing waste we can reduce our costs.
    • Reducing environmental risk and ensuring legal compliance.
    • Promotion of our environmental commitment will boost the Universities image and credentials as an environmentally aware institution.

Significant environmental aspects:

  • Production of waste
  • Use of Energy (gas, electricity and oil)
  • Emissions to air and water
  • Water consumption
  • Conservation and Biodiversity
  • Noise and nuisance
  • Construction and redevelopment
  • Travel and Transport

Supporting document:

Supporting document can be found on the University's internal webpage (see link below) and on the E&F Electronic Document Management System (EDMS - SharePoint).

Environmental Management System Information


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