Research themes

Research at the SBE explores how sustainable behaviours can be encouraged within communities

Planning for sustainability

How do considerations of sustainability feed into the planning process, and what emphasis should be given to notions of community?

A broken window - Designing for resilience

Designing for resilience

How can new design tools and policy regulations support the delivery of a sustainable and resilient built environment?

Plants have long formed an integral part of our urban spaces, but new research is exploring how they can help to tackle some of the biggest issues faced by urban planners, builders and policymakers

Urban green infrastructure

In what ways can plants be used within urban locations to mitigate the impact of human activity on the environment?

Energy supply system research is key to ensuring a sustainable future

Energy supply systems

What role does the built environment play in the interaction between energy generation, smart supply networks and consumer energy demand?

Bags for sorting recyclable waste - Sustainable behaviousr within the community

Sustainable behaviours within the community

To what extent can sustainable behaviours be influenced through the use of incentives, presentation of risk, and the shifting of social norms?

In addition to designing and building sustainable buildings, there are other ways that construction firms can contribute to the sustainability agenda

Promoting sustainable practices

What are the challenges of incentivising and integrating sustainable behaviour within industry?

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