Staff Mobility

The new Erasmus+ programme (2014-2021) is not just for students!!!

Erasmus+ offers a great opportunity for both academic and image of a chalkboardadministrative staff to teach, work or gain training in another institution / organisation in another participating European country, and can provide a substantial financial contribution to cover the associated costs of travel and subsistence incurred.

You can use the Erasmus+ programme as a method of professional development by bolstering your skills, enhancing your knowledge, increasing your international networks and potentially even enhancing your language skills at the same time.

The Erasmus+ Staff mobility programme has two streams:

Although we are awaiting confirmation of the new regulations for the new programme, we do not anticipate that there will be any fundamental changes to the programme.

  • All members of staff at the University of Reading are eligible to participate on the programme - academic, administrative, technical or manual.
  • Participation is open to all staff of all nationalities.

The only requirements are that you work for the University of Reading and there is departmental approval for your participation.

As part of the Internationalisation of the University of Reading staff mobility at all levels is encouraged. 

NB: Please note that for Staff mobility the old ERASMUS programme will cease to operate from end of July 2014. Any arrangement for post-August 2014 need to be delayed until confirmation of the details of the new Erasmus+ programme have been published.

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