Briony - worked in Germany as a Language Assistant

I was an English assistant in a Berufskolleg (vocational college) in Muelheim an der Ruhr, GermanyGermany. The year was a huge roller-coaster of emotions but it was one amazing journey!

Before I came out here I applied to teach in a primary school because, to be completely honest, I thought teaching older children would be too much of a challenge. However, I am SO glad that I was put where I was. The students were lovely, friendly, motivated and chatty and it was such a rewarding feeling to know that they enjoyed having a native speaker in their classes. The oldest student was 15 years older than me!! ... but they were all so nice that now it seems funny that I had been worried about teaching that age group before.

Being out there enabled me to travel to so many places and do so many things I never even knew existed ... from eating in a spinning restaurant 172.5 metres off the ground to catching flying chocolate from the Karneval parades!

I don't regret anything about the year abroad and I think it's an amazing thing to be able to say that by the age of 20 I have lived and worked in another country!

I would recommend it to anyone ... whether they study a language or not!

Briony Biddle, BA German

British Language Assistant in Germany

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