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Reading offers a range of opportunities to study abroad, some of which will require second language skills (for learning as well as day-to-day living) as well as many that do not. Regardless, we actively encourage and support all students wanting to learn a second language to do so, either from scratch or to improve your existing language skills.

Erasmusplus OLSErasmus+ Online Linguistic Support (OLS)

The Online Linguistic Support (OLS) supports language learning for Erasmus+ mobility participants. It offers free online language courses in 24 European languages (2018), as well assessments in order to help assess your linguistic progress. Courses range from absolute beginner to near fluent. You can also gain certification to prove your language competency,

Erasmus+ OLS is made available to all students participating on the Erasmus+ programme in the lead up to their placement.

For more information please visit:

Please contact for further details.

Institute Wide Language Programme (IWLP)

You can learn a language during your time at Reading through the Institute-Wide Language Programme (IWLP). Modules are offered at up to five different levels (from beginner onwards), currently in 11 different languages - for credit (as part of your degree) or for non-credit (small fee applicable).

Self-Access Centre for Language Learning (SACLL)

SACLL offers opportunities for students to independently learn a language. The centre (located on 2nd floor of Edith Morley Building) offers a wide range of materials for students learning English and foreign languages including books, DVDs and other media; some of these materials can be borrowed for a short period. There are computers available for the students to use, some with useful online language materials, and a printer located within the centre. For more information please visit SACLL website .

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