University of Georgia

The birthplace of the US system of public higher education...

Founded in 1785 the University of Georgia is one of America's oldest public universities and one of the top 10 'public Ivies', indicating its position as being in the top 100 US universities.

LUGA campus in the fallocated in the picturesque town of Athens (Clarke County), it is about 60 miles northeast of downtown Atlanta. Its vibrant student community and thriving Arts, Culture and Music scene helps make it one of the top 10 college towns in the US ( its campus is one of the largest in the US, hosting c.35,000+, it has more than 600 registered student organizations and one of the best sports programmes in the country. no matter how hard you try, you will become a fan of the 'Dawg'.....

UGA has world renowned academic programmes across all faculties, and can offer an amazing range of modules for selection across most academic disciplines.

On campus accommodation is available for those that want a full US campus experience.

The Office for International Education can provide you with all of the support and information you need before and during your stay.

UGA information:

Who can participate?

All Reading subjects that allow Study Abroad that are taught at UGA (except HBS students)

NB - limited places

Entry requirements:

Minimum 55% average

Semester dates:
  • Semester 1: August (mid) - December
  • Semester 2: January - May
Reading application deadlines:

01 January 2019. See How to apply.

Cost of Living: 

UGA suggested $8000 - 9000 per semester

UGA Costings

Additional Costs:
  • Visa is required to study in the US
  • Will need to take out compulsory insurance.

NB - Eligible students might be able to recoup costs through Student Finance

Further Information:

Additional information:

  1. NB - UGA's application deadlines can be significantly earlier than other partners institutions.
  2. Students must be nominated by the Erasmus & Study Abroad Office before UGA will accept any application.
  3. Students who request to study abroad for a full academic year when their degree has a term / semester option available will receive a lower priority for places than students who choose the term / semester option.
  4. If there are more students who want to study at UGA than places available then all of the following will be considered in making decisions regarding the allocation of places:
    • Capacity constraints at partner institution
    • Academic performance
    • Personal Statement
    • Spread of subjects
    • Subject Study Abroad coordinator comments
    • Duration of Study Abroad placement
    • Previous engagement / contact with ESAO


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