University of Tubingen

Innovative. Interdisciplinary. International. 

Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen is one of the oldest and most respected universities in Europe, offering a wealth of academic, social and cultural opportunities to students in one of the most attractive parts of Europe.

Founded in 1477 the University of Tübingen is one of the eleven elite German institutioTubingenns awarded the German Universities Excellence award, showcasing their global reputation for cutting edge international research and their quality of teaching. Noted for it's innovative ideas and interdisciplinary approach, c.26000 students choose to live and study at Tübingen annually, many of whom are from their 100+ international exchange partners.

The town and University are inseparable. Described as one of the five classical "university towns", the University is spread throughout the beautiful medieval town where the streets are steeped in history. From timber framed buildings to the ultra-modern, from cobbled alley ways to vibrant café culture, Tübingen is a very student-centred town offering a wide variety of social and cultural activities outside of the classroom. It provides the very best of German tradition, but with an international twist.

Situated 30 km south of the state capital, Stuttgart, it is easy and quick to get to but also offers plenty of opportunities to travel and sight-seeing throughout the region.

A hearty welcome awaits you in the 'centre of Europe'….

Tübingen information:

Who can participate?

All Reading disciplines that allow study abroad that are taught at TU, in particular:

  • German Studies
  • Business / Management (English)
  • Economics (English)
  • Politics & International Relations (English)

Language requirements:

Standard Language of tuition is German, but numerous modules taught in English.

Entry requirements:

Minimum 55% average

Semester dates:

See Tübingen University Website

Reading application deadlines:

01 January 2019. See How to apply.

Cost of Living:  Suggested c.€650 (based on the TU Information for Exchange students ).
Further Information:

Additional information:

  1. Students must be nominated by the Erasmus & Study Abroad Office before Tübingen will accept any application.
  2. If there are more students who want to study at Tübingen than places available then all of the following (where applicable) will be considered in making decisions regarding the allocation of places:
  • Capacity constraints at partner institution
  • Academic performance
  • Personal Statement
  • Spread of subjects
  • Subject Study Abroad coordinator comments
  • Duration of Study Abroad placement
  • Previous engagement / contact with ESAO


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"A lot of fun has followed with the most diverse, if not random, friendship group I have ever been part of, including Germans, Australians, New Zealanders, Russians, Danes and Americans. Since meeting we have explored this beautiful university town by day, but mainly by night."


Josef, Henley Business School


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