University-wide Exchange Partners

OklahomaWe have exchange opportunities with partners across the world that are not subject specific, hence could accept students of any subject area at Reading (assuming that they teach your particular subject and you are allowed to study abroad).

Spaces on these exchanges are limited so you should discuss your options with your subject Study Abroad Coordinator and the Erasmus & Study Abroad Office.

The Erasmus & Study Abroad Office and your subject Study Abroad Coordinator will offer you support and guidance.




Hong Kong

Republic of Korea

United States of America

Additional information:

  • Access to places at university-wide exchange partners is competitive and cannot be guaranteed. The number of places available at partner institutions can vary year-on-year.
  • Students who request to study abroad for a full academic year when their degree has a term / semester option available will receive a lower priority for places than students who choose the term / semester option.
  • Students who are studying joint degree programmes will need to gain approval of both subjects in order to be allowed to study abroad.  
  • The list of Partner institutions is subject to change. Partner institutions referenced on the Study Abroad website are correct at the time of publication.


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"...It's been a life changing experience: I've learnt so much about life,seen places I've only imagined and learnt so much more about my subject than I thought was possible! It is a great excuse to travel and learn even more about your chosen degree at the same time..."

Jenny Barnes, BSc Meteorology


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