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Excellence in the heart of a vibrant, intimate city...

Aarhus University is consistently ranked amongst the world's elite universities and can offer you an incredible and unique Study Abroad experience.

Set in the heart of Denmark's second cityAarhus University and on one of the most beautiful campuses in the world (Huffington Post), AU is a relatively young and modern university (established 1928),. It is Denmark's largest university (c.40k students), and is regularly placed in the world's top 100 universities.

Hosting over 1000 exchange students every year from all over the world AU is a innovative research-intensive university with all teaching delivered by active researchers. The campus provides a dynamic learning environment, with its distinctive yellow-brick buildings of campus being Danish architectural icons. The Danish education style encourages interaction and dialogue between academics and students, and it annually achieves student satisfaction rates of well over 91%.

With well over 1000 courses taught in English, there are opportunities for a wide-range of disciplines to experience

Selected as European Capital of Culture in 2017, Aarhus is a vibrant yet intimate student friendly place, being Denmark's youngest city (in terms of population age!) with numerous social and recreational opportunities. It is easy to get to with the airport only a short bus journey from the university, and offers a lot of opportunities to explore the region and wider Scandinavia.

Denmark is a very safe and secure country; its people known for being relaxed, informal and reputedly the happiest people in the world. The majority of Danes have speak English hence you do not need to be fluent in Danish to live and study there.

With friendly staff, world-class facilities and a strong tradition of welcoming exchange students, Aarhus is waiting for you!

Aarhus information:

Who can participate?

  • Economics (dedicated link)
  • Psychology (dedicated link) 
  • All Reading disciplines that allow Study Abroad that are taught at AU (providing there are sufficient modules / credits available)
Language requirements

Standard Language of tuition is Danish, but over 1000 courses taught in English.

Entry requirements:

Minimum 55% average

Semester dates:

See Studying at Aarhus website.

Reading application deadlines:

01 January 2019 (further details to follow)

Cost of Living: 
Further Information:

Additional information:

  1. As the main language of tuition is Danish, you will need to consult with your Study Abroad Coordinator to ensure that there are sufficient modules available in English in your subject area to enable you to Study Abroad, unless you can speak Danish.
  2. Students must be nominated by the Erasmus & Study Abroad Office before Aarhus University will accept any application.
  3. If there are more students who want to study at Aarhus than places available then all of the following (where applicable) will be considered in making decisions regarding the allocation of places:
  • Capacity constraints at partner institution
  • Academic performance
  • Personal Statement
  • Spread of subjects
  • Subject Study Abroad coordinator comments
  • Duration of Study Abroad placement
  • Previous engagement / contact with ESAO


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"The best four months of my life, embedded in the so-called happiest country in the world, there is not one thing I would change about my study abroad experience in Aarhus, Denmark."


Rhys, Psychology


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