I would happily stay here forever

The 2011 Mercer "Quality of Living" survey ranked Vienna as the world's best place to live. After only a festuprof-awatsonviennaw months here, it really isn't hard to see why. Vienna is; without a doubt, one of the most beautiful places I have ever been lucky enough to visit, let alone live in. The countryside and lakes around Vienna are stunning and in the city you are constantly surrounded by beautiful buildings- the Hofburg, the Rathaus, Parlament and numerous museums, theatres and operas. You can't escape the sense of grandeur and even the journey to lectures seems a lot more exciting!

When I arrived in Vienna in September and instantly loved it. The warm, sunny weather made the city look even more beautiful and even made the administrative, form-filling side of studying abroad seem more tolerable! I instantly felt at home here and the huge advantage of arriving before term starts is that you get to settle in, learn your way around and find friends without having to rush off to lectures. Getting out and about made it so easy to meet people. Meeting people in Halls, finding other bewildered faces in the queue at the International Office, attending the ESN orientation week, meeting Austrian students at introductory lectures and just generally bumping into other people helped me to settle in really quickly.

"Cold" doesn't even begin to describe the temperatures in January. "Highs" of -18 took a bit of getting used to, but experiences like wrapping up and ice-skating through the 1km of ice paths that were built in Rathaus park definitely made it worth it! The ESN group also arranges lots of trips so there are plenty of chances to go sledding, skiing and snowboarding. The proximity to ski resorts was a huge bonus for a lot of Erasmus students!

Studying abroad is a unique experience and an opportunity that really needs to be taken advantage of. I really have loved my time in Vienna so far and I would quite happily stay here forever if I could! It might seem daunting at first, but learn to say yes to just about anything and it could lead to you developing your knowledge of a language, making friends from all over the world and really just having one of the best years of your life!

Abigail Watson,  International Management & Business Administration with German

studied at the University of Vienna, Austria


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